Darly’s Adventures To Nowhere

Hi I am Darly and I love to play, I go on great big adventures every day. It doesn’t matter if I am sailing with pirates or going on trips to the sun, because every time I imagine, I have so much fun. So join me my friends, on my crazy quests, because sometimes being at home is the very best.

Darly And Her Adventures to Nowhere

Darly has landed on Mars and sailed with pirates, but that is just the beginning. Darly is always one thought away from slaying dragons and climbing mountain peaks. Stay tuned for the many upcoming adventures of Darly.

“She sailed with pirates and flew to space, with a little imagination your house can be a magical place” -Darly

About The Author and Illustrator

Written and illustrated by two sisters, Darly’s adventures were made in memory of their late mother Darlene. Through these pages, their mom will forever go on great adventures with her family.

Every night I read a Darly adventure to my kids. They now fall asleep dreaming of the adventures they will go on with her.

-Julie Trotter

Dear Grandma was a great gift for my kids to send to grandma on Mothers Day. It is a classic that they will be reading together for years.

-Jillian Lyon


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